We look a what you need for hairdressing jobs in Surrey

Before you jump feet first into your search for hairdressing jobs in Surrey, we recommend that you take the time out to learn exactly what's going to be required of you in terms of job entrance requirements as well as the kind of salary that you can expect to earn throughout your career. While these may seem like fairly minor details when it comes to the job of your dreams, in the bigger picture they can actually make all the difference as to whether you ultimately decide that hairdressing jobs in Surrey are for you or not.

Hairdressing is slightly different to the majority of other jobs in that you don't technically need any formal qualifications in order to make your start in the industry. Thousands of the most talented hairdressers in the United Kingdom got their start fresh out of school without any prior experience or training, simply by getting their foot in the door and learning from an established hairdresser.

However, due to the ongoing financial crisis you will do your job prospects no harm at all by ensuring that you have an NVS or SNQ Hairdressing Level 2 qualification under your belt before you start applying to hairdressers for trainee work. These qualifications will prove that you have the will and determination to make a success of yourself in the industry.

Once you have earned one of these qualifications and found a hairdresser in the Surrey area who has agreed to take you on, you'll earn minimum wage of £5.93 per hour for around a year as you learn all the ropes from the more established hairdressers in the salon. Once you are adjudged to have served your time your wages will increase and you can expect to earn between £9,000 and £15,500 as you progress through your career.


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