Searching for hairdressing jobs in Kent?

These days you'll appreciate that every little bit of knowledge you can find can make all the difference between finding the ideal job and being stuck on the dole queue for another few months. With that in mind we have compiled this brief guide to finding hairdressing jobs in Kent and beyond. We'll cover the kind of qualifications that are preferred by hiring salons, as well as the kind of salary you can expect.

If you speak to many hairdressers from the last few generations, it's likely that you'll be told that no formal training or qualifications are required in order to get your foot in the door at the majority of hair salons. While this may have been the case many years ago, and is still technically true, unless you are able to demonstrate that you have already spent some time studying the art it is highly unlikely that any salon will be willing to take you on. There's just too much involved to be able to teach someone the discipline from scratch within a busy working environment, so it is assumed that all new recruits have a basic knowledge of what's involved in the job.

Even then you'll be expected to serve out your first year as a general helper in the salon, earning minimum wage of £5.93 per hour and doing very little by way of actually cutting hair. Instead you'll be tasked with maintaining the general upkeep of the salon while also observing your senior colleagues as they give their clients a wide range of different haircuts.

With so many different salons in the Kent area it is impossible to narrow down which ones are likely to yield the best results when it comes to applying for work, but we would recommend that you take a look at the likes of Blakes Hair & Beauty (Dover Street, Canterbury), Toni and Guy (Whitefriars Shopping Centre, Canterbury) and Salon Wonder (Guildhall Street, Canterbury).


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