Looking for hairdressing jobs in Wolverhampton?

We all know that the United Kingdom's economy is still struggling to come to terms with the effect of the global recession, so it's no surprise that the increasing numbers of people who have found themselves out of work in the last few years means that it is now harder than ever to find a reliable job these days.

When it comes to working in the beauty industry, things are even more competitive. Every year more and more students graduate from beauty based courses and jobs, yet there are still only a set number of positions to go around, meaning that you'll need to be very lucky or have some really great contacts if you're going to have any chance of finding work.

What you can do to give yourself a better chance of being successful in your search for hairdressing jobs in Wolverhampton is study for your SVQ or NVQ Hairdressing Level 2 qualification, which will prove to potential employers that you know what you're doing at the very least. However you're still going to need to start at the very bottom and work your way upwards.

Just like in the trades, you'll have to serve your time as a trainee. Think of it as an apprenticeship where you'll be learning the ins and outs of the business while also performing the menial tasks that nobody else wants to do such as cleaning up after each client has had their hair cut. After a year or two earning minimum wage (£5.93) for this kind of work you'll finally be able to move on to earning a better wage of up to £14,000 a year as a qualified hairdresser, gaining more and more experience with each passing year.

In the Wolverhampton area there are a number of excellent hairdressers and salons to choose from, however we recommend that you pop in and speak to them in person rather than sending CVs or calling them on the phone. The personal approach can make all the difference in this industry.


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