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If you ask around a group of experienced hairdressers they will most likely tell you that they all began their careers by serving an apprenticeship with a local hairdresser or in a nearby salon, without ever having any formal qualifications or without studying the subject in any great detail. If anything, the most experience they had before starting in their trainee position was cutting their friends' or family's hair.

Unfortunately things have changed quite a bit in the last few decades and, while no formal training or qualification is required even today, it is highly unlikely that you will find a salon or hairdresser willing to take you under their wing in order to show you the basics without at least completing some form of training or course in advance.

The most widely accepted hairdressing qualifications are the SVQ and NVQ Hairdressing Level 2 accreditations. You can partake in courses offering these by checking out your local colleges of further education or adult education centres.

Once you have one of these qualifications under your belt and have spent some time learning the trade in a controlled environment, it's time to find yourself hairdressing jobs in Leicester. There are countless hair salons in the Leicester area for you to choose from, but they will all offer you the same initial starting wage of just £5.93 per hour for the first year or so of your employment.

During this training period you'll need to take in as much as you can by watching the more experienced hairdressers in action. It'll be your responsibility to clean up after every haircut and ensure that all the equipment remains clean and sterilised at all times.

Once you have finished this initial training period you can look forward to wages between £9,500 and £16,250 per year as a qualified hairdresser.


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