No shortage of hairdressing jobs in Kent

There are no explicit qualifications required for hairdressers in the UK, although the necessary training can last for 1 - 5 years with various levels of NVQ/SVQ qualifications available. Hairdressing jobs in Kent are open to everyone with the right skills.


Some of the key skills for hairdressing jobs in Kent include being a good communicator. In hairdressing roles, you'll constantly be meeting new people and will need to make them relax. Successful hairdressers also need to be flexible and willing to learn about new styles, products and equipment.

Marketing skills are vital. You'll need to develop a loyal client base and for this you must be able to promote yourself. Self confidence is another key attribute.

And you must also look the part for hairdressing jobs. A smart personal appearance and good hygiene is essential for anyone hoping to make it as a hairdresser.


Numerous vacancies for hairdressing jobs in Kent can be found with job search websites. There are several job sites that are worth checking regularly, including Hairdressing Jobs, Hair and Beauty Jobs and Kent Local Jobs. Once you have a CV uploaded with the job site, you can apply for any of the vacancies you find advertised.

Contact as many hairdressers in Kent as possible and let them know that you're interested in finding work. The majority of opportunities can be found in Maidstone, Rochester and Canterbury.

Remember to include a portfolio of your recent work when you're applying hairdressing jobs in Kent. It's just as important as your CV.


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