An overview of hairdressing jobs in Hampshire

Hairdressing jobs in Hampshire are generally salon jobs. They require different levels of experience and training, from trainees to NVQ Level 3. There are also hairdressing related jobs such as assessor of hairdressing or lecturer on hairdressing.

Hairdressing: Industries

Beauty based jobs opportunities in Hampshire cover all the possibilities. Beauty salons are the most common source of employment, but working as a self-employed hairdresser is also possible.

Hairdressing: Recruiters

If you wish to apply for salon and beauty jobs the best thing that you can do is get online and look for the type of job you are interested in. Then register with the job search engines such as 1job.co.uk, jobrapido.co.uk, myhapshirejobs.co.uk, careerjet.co.uk, hairandbeautyjobs.co.uk. The main recruiting agencies in the Hampshire area that you may choose to work with are: Advantage Technical Resourcing, Alexander Macguire and Bespoke Recruitment Solutions, among others.

Hairdressing Jobs: Salary Expectations

The salary expectations for hairdressing jobs are incredibly diverse. That is mainly because some hairstylists are not paid a standard monthly salary. Instead, they are paid on a commission basis based on the number of tasks he or she performs within a day or based on a percentage of the sales. This may vary a lot, simply because some salons have more clients and cheaper rates and others may have a smaller number of clients but charge more for their services. Hairdressing jobs in Hampshire can be a lot of fun for those who enjoy working directly with people and helping them look beautiful.


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