Where to find hairdressing jobs in Essex

Hairdressing: A Growing Industry

Essex is conveniently located next to London and as such offers some excellent opportunities to get involved in growing and exciting areas of film and television in addition to the usual opportunities in regular hairdressing. Finding hairdressing jobs in Essex opens doors that very few counties and locations can offer. Being aware of this fact is important if you are thinking of moving to the London area for work.

Finding Jobs Online

There are excellent resources online for finding hairdressing jobs in Essex. Whether you wish to use the JobCentre resources or local adverts, there are hundreds of notifications for employment. Check job sites, classified sites (such as Gumtree.com where you can search by area), employment advice websites (where you can also find advice about job areas and job prospects) and government career sites to get the information you need to meet employers.

Finding Jobs Offline

Sometimes, the more traditional methods of job hunting are the more effective ones. Internet searches are convenient but hundreds of people are able to apply which means that you really need to stand out to make an impression on prospective employers. Hairdressing jobs in Essex are, quite obviously, very popular, so you need to make sure that you really give your application the personal touch. Keep an eye out in the local press and on local noticeboards (such as in supermarkets) to find freelance work and deliver your CVs and cover letters into salons personally to find more permanent employment.


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