Are you interested in hairdressing jobs in Cardiff?

Even though the beauty industry has been quite badly hit by the ongoing financial recession, especially for more niche and expensive services like acupuncture or massage therapy, one section of it which has remained relatively unharmed has been hairdressing. Due to the fact that everyone needs to get their hair cut on a fairly regular basis, and that it's not really a task that we can perform ourselves, hairdressers have managed to keep their heads above water and look like they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

This makes hairdressing an ideal career move for anyone who is desperate to work within the beauty industry but can't make up their mind with regards to which section of it to pursue. In order to qualify for hairdressing jobs in Cardiff we strongly recommend that you find a college or centre of further education near to you that offers either an SVQ or NVQ Hairdressing Level 2 course. Despite the fact that no formal qualification is required in order to become a hairdresser, the high level of competition in the industry these days means that completing an intensive course such as the ones we mentioned will give you a much greater chance of finding the work you so desperately want.

Once you have been accepted for an entry level position with a Cardiff based hairdresser, you can expect to spend your first year earning £5.93 per hour as a trainee. Once this training has been completed you can earn as much as £14,750 per year from your work, with the most talented hairdressers able to earn anywhere up to £45,000 per year as senior stylists.


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