Interested in hairdressing jobs in Belfast?

The beauty industry in the United Kingdom is one that has managed to perform quite well despite the fact that the amount of disposable income held by the majority of British people these days is an awful lot less than it was even three short years ago. The reason that this particular industry hasn't been quite as badly affected as others is quite simple - despite the fact that money is tight, everyone still wants to look their best.

While certain niche sectors of the beauty industry are certainly struggling, such as alternative treatments like aromatherapy, acupuncture or expensive spa breaks, hairdressing is one side of it that will never feel the pinch as badly as the rest.

Due to the fact that everyone needs their hair cut on a fairly regular basis, even if it's just to tough up a previous cut, there is still plenty of interested among potential job seekers in the profession of hairdresser. While this is good news for salon owners who can have their pick of promising young talents, it isn't quite as good for the people who are competing for these positions.

If you want to be taken seriously we recommend you take an NVQ or SVQ Hairdressing Level 2 course. Once you hav this qualification you should have a much easier time of trying to get your foot in the door of a local salon.

Hairdressing jobs in Belfast usually start out at the national minimum wage of £5.93 per hour, however after a year working as a trainee you'll get more hours and better wages and should be able to make in the region of £15,000 per year for your work.


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