Hairdressing jobs in Australia

Hairdressing jobs in Australia are in great demand right now. If you are experienced in this area, you might want to swap your stylist stool for a deck chair.

In the beauty industry you are at a great advantage. Australia's skilled migrants program includes people working in hair salons. The great news is, after four years of residence you can apply for citizenship. You must be under 45 years of age.

In addition to cutting peoples hair, you should have supervisory skills to qualify for the program. You should be comfortable with the following;

  • organising and co-ordinating staff schedules
  • enforcing health and safety policies and regulations
  • staff management
  • overseeing the salon
  • implementing changes.

There are NVQ and city and guilds courses you can undertake to begin and further your career progression.  Speak to your local college to find out about course details.

Consult the Australian High Commission for detailed information on visas and citizenship.

Another route is to apply for a working holiday visa, where you are allowed to work and travel for up to a year.

A good place to begin searching is at mycareer.com.au. Sydney has the majority of vacancies. From apprentices to senior stylists, you will find a number of opportunities.

The site displays advertisements from the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper. An 'experienced cutter' is required at Bondi junction barbershop. In the same area another person with at least two years experience is needed for a busy salon.

Salonstaff.com.au has a role for an experienced barber doing part-time work at a small shop in Melbourne. Good luck with your search for hairdressing jobs in Australia.

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