This guide should prepare you to search for hairdressing apprenticeships in Kent

Despite the fact that it's widely accepted that you need no formal training or qualifications in order to get yourself into the world of hairdressing, the current economic climate means that you're going to need something in order to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Whether that something is a little previous part time experience helping out around your local hair salon or an SVQ or NVQ Hairdressing Level 2 qualification is unimportant, but you're going to need to be able to show some form of previous interest and effort if you are to be selected ahead of the hundreds of other hopefuls all searching for an apprenticeship.

Starting out as a hairdresser is certainly not easy. If you decide to go the formal qualification route, you can expect to spend at least the first year of your apprenticeship earning minimum wage of £5.93 per hour while being tasked with minimal hairdressing responsibilities and plenty of floor sweeping and cleaning work.

This is something that every apprentice hairdresser needs to go through in order to earn the right to cut hair professionally though, so don't take it personally. When you're looking for hairdressing apprenticeships in Kent you have two main approaches that you can take.

Firstly, you can look at the big name hairdressers in the area such as Toni & Guy (Whitefriars Shopping Centre), or you can opt to go for locally run independent hairdressers like So Hairdressing (85 Ashford Road, Bearsted) or The Chair (3-4 The Borough, Canterbury).

It will be much tougher to get selected for an apprenticeship with the major chains, but the experience you gain will mean that you should have no problem building a career. And although it is easier to get your foot in the door with the local run hairdressers, your experience may not quite offer you the opportunity to pick and choose where you would like to work later on in your career.

Either way, once you have served your time you should be able to demand wages of between £9,500 and £15,500 per year for your work, with up to three times that figure on offer for those who want to work towards becoming a senior stylist.


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