Hackney Council in London: jobs and popular sectors

Hackney Council in London has jobs at their council office for all kinds of applicants. Most jobs will require some level of expertise or education but other positions, such as call centre and receptionist roles, may have training provided and require little experience. You can apply for any vacancies with Hackney Council at: hackney.gov.uk/index.htm.

Hackney Council controls many of the services and benefits offered to residents in Hackney so you can expect to find jobs that involve planning, management, working with people or in advertising. For example, the most popular jobs for 2011 with Hackney Council were:

  • Planning management for large projects and community events
  • Advertising, finance and HR
  • Social work and experienced case workers
  • Working within the housing service
  • Adult support workers and community care assistants
  • Research and community development

Hackney Council's primary objective is to attract a talented workforce; they are the largest employer in the borough but you should expect to have a good background in similar community roles to receive a position with Hackney Council.

When applying for Hackney Council in London jobs you'll need to complete their online application form and answer all questions presented. Hackney Council rarely accept CVs directly delivered to them and prefer applicants to apply online.

Hackney Council hires high calibre staff through a fair and effective elimination process; an applicants skills is matched to the criteria for the position in the first instance than additional qualities of the applicant as assessed and added to a short list. Short listed candidates are then interviewed in the second stage and, if the interview goes well, pre-employment checks are made (this may include tests) before an offer is made.


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