We take a look at some of the most popular Hackney colleges

With so many colleges on offer in the Hackney area it can be quite a big ask to narrow things down, especially when you're just out of second level education. While many people will make it out that the choice you make now will stay with you for the rest of your life, you need to forget all about that and just do a little research to decide which college is the right one for you.

Assuming you know the kind of course you would like to do, you'll be able to cut the numbers considerably, making your choice that little bit more straightforward. Once you have done that, we recommend that you get in touch with each of the colleges that you have left on your list in order to find out exactly what's on their course syllabus as well as the employment record of their graduates.

There's no point in taking a course that has a very poor level of employment afterwards unless you are simply taking the course in order to learn about a subject that interests you - and for the most part there are very few people who can afford such a luxury.

There are other things to keep in mind too though, such as location, ease of access, social life and whether or not the college has any ties to major universities in the surrounding area. While you might not fancy going beyond college now, you never know in a few years and you might decide that a degree or masters is for you.

Some of the most popular Hackney colleges include Hackney Community College (tcch.ac.uk), City of London College (clc-london.ac.uk), City and Islington College (candi.ac.uk) and the London College of Fashion (fashion.arts.ac.uk).


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