Find out all about Gumtree London to find jobs in London

There are loads of great websites out there offering thousands of new jobs every day. Most of these websites are upmarket websites offering jobs from the bigger companies in the UK. One of the best websites out there to find jobs from smaller companies and sole traders is Gumtree London. Hundreds of jobs in London can be found every day by visiting their website at Gumtree.com/jobs/london.

They have a great selection of full time, part time and temporary posts. Many jobs that you find will be temporary assignments or jobs for people such as handymen, labourers, hairdressers, babysitters or gardeners although you will find many good jobs advertised on the site as well. In a recent search there were more than 25,000 active jobs in London alone.

You can easily browse through their selection of vacancies by clicking on an industry. The jobs are presented in an easy to understand manner and although there is no way to apply for positions through Gumtree, there is usually an email address or contact number to get in touch with.

You can choose to directly reply to a job advertisement on Gumtree if you have an account set up with them. If you haven't it only takes two minutes of your time and you can then reply to as many job posts as you like.

If you are looking for a specific job then this is no problem. Simply use their search feature where you can search for the job you are looking for. For example if you are looking for a mechanic job, just type it in and make sure "London" is in the search box as well. Easy as that!


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