Use Gumtree to find jobs in Aberdeen

Gumtree Jobs for Aberdeen is a good way to find work in the city. Gumtree is gradually getting more and more popular with employers around the UK who are actively recruiting staff. There are many jobs on there, and you'll find everything from bar jobs, restaurant manager positions, dental nursing to teaching jobs and many others.

Gumtree is so popular because it is free, and many people looking work check Gumtree daily for new jobs being posted. Many small businesses and independent employers use Gumtree to advertise jobs because of the fact it is free - they won’t want to be spending hundreds of pounds advertising their positions.

Most of the positions on Gumtree are freelance, casual or part time jobs for this reason. If employers advertise on Gumtree, there is a good chance that they don’t advertise anywhere else, so by checking Gumtree you are seeing other jobs that won't appear on job search websites that charge employers to advertise.

Helpfully, you can see how many people have viewed the page, giving you an idea about the level of interest for a particular job. Even if it has had over 1000 views, don’t let it put you off - you may as well go for it anyway! If there have been fewer views, it shows that there has been less interest in the job. They also have urgent ads which are for immediate start vacancies.

It can be a long and tedious task to find work at the minute. Check newspapers, job websites, shop windows, agencies and make sure to check Gumtree daily as well!


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