Using Gumtree to find Aberdeen jobs

The thing that stands out about Gumtree is that in the vast majority of cases, it is absolutely free to advertise there. You can list anything from a baby grand piano to a job vacancy on its pages - and pay nothing unless you want to add special features to the ad.

In these tough economic times, there has been a rise in the number of part time, casual and temporary jobs available. That's because employers are unwilling to commit to lengthy contracts with employers which would mean that - if they have to make an employee redundant - they would have to shell out hefty sums as a compensation package.

So where does Gumtree come into this? For employers, there's little point in spending hundreds of pounds promoting jobs that perhaps only pay a couple of hundred pounds a week anyway. This is a waste of money and a waste of resources.

However, vacancies need to be filled somehow - and that means that they will need to be advertised and promoted in order to attract the right candidates. Gumtree allows employers to do this for free, which is a perfect solution for advertising low paid or casual jobs. Therefore Gumtree is perfect for Aberdeen jobs that are part time or temporary in nature.

By all means, look for vacancies in the local media and on mainstream job search websites (Job is Job and Total Jobs are two of the best), but do also pay a visit to Aberdeen Gumtree to see what's on offer there. You might just be pleasantly surprised.


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