What you need to know about the Guardian job vacancies

One of the best places to find job listings for higher-paying jobs is on the website of the popular Guardian newspaper. Guardian job vacancies cover everything from education to finance, and secretarial to executive jobs. But, before you begin applying for jobs on the Guardian website, here are a few things you should know.

Create an Account (jobs.guardian.co.uk) - To make your job search easier, start off by creating an online account with the Guardian. Once you have this, you can do more-specific searches, upload your CV and bookmark job listings.

Use the Guardian's CV Tool - Unlike some job sites, where you must have a CV already prepared, at the Guardian they have a wonderful CV tool that allows you to create a CV directly on their website. It even has sections for licenses and certificates, visas and work permits, security credentials and more. This gives a prospective employer a great idea about what you can actually do for them if hired.

Scour the Recruiting Now Section -Start with the 'Recruiting Now' section. These are some of their top level jobs, with salaries as high as £90,000 per annum. You can apply for any of these jobs directly from the Guardian's website once you've created an account.

Read the Professional Networks Section Daily (guardian.co.uk/guardian-professional) - The Guardian has an enormous section on current news in various job sectors. You'll find articles on education, local government, social enterprise and the voluntary sector, just to name a few.

While the articles are general news articles, they're a phenomenal resource for the smart job seeker, as knowing what's happening in the industry can give you a heads up as to which companies will soon be hiring. They can also help you get one step ahead of your competition.

Follow the Guardian on Twitter (twitter.com/#!/GuardianJobs) - Any changes on the Guardian jobs site are publicized on Twitter. They also put up links to new job-help articles, and give quick tips in their tweets. A fast and useful extra resource for job seekers.

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