Can you trust guaranteed work from home jobs?

There are several agencies and websites offering guaranteed work from home jobs. But in many cases, this claim is simply too good to be true.

How the work from home guarantee works

Of course, not all websites or all claims are the same. But in general, these guarantees work as follows:

  • You pay a sign up fee (which also may be described as a joining fee, training fee or membership fee) to the website or agency. This typically amounts to around £100.
  • The agency or website review your application and your CV and match you with any vacancies that may exist on their databases.
  • If they find a match, you will be offered an interview for the job. In some cases, a job interview will not even be required - you can simply start work.
  • If they fail to find you a job within a specified period, your fee will be refunded.

So what's the problem?

This arrangement may sound like a fair deal, but unfortunately you'll often encounter  problems and even scams.

Regular recruitment agencies will only take a cut of your salary once they have found you a job and you have started working. If the online agency was so sure that it could offer you a job, why wouldn't they do this as opposed to charging an upfront fee?

The answer is that these schemes are often fraudulent. To get around the guarantee, they will often offer a job that is so difficult or so low paying that you are unlikely to accept. Because you have refused, they won't have to refund your fee and you still won't be working.

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