Conducting a successful search for GRP jobs in Ireland

Looking for GRP jobs in Ireland can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, as there aren’t a lot of listings. They aren’t non-existent however. Having the skills to work with glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) are actually in high demand, even if they are hard to find.

Industries to Look In

GRP methods are used in a great number of fields. Originally used most for boat building because of its light weight and strength, it is now also be applied to automobile bodies and aircraft. Manufacturers of hot tubs, drinking water piping, display containers for plants, sports equipment and even systems for flat roofs. GRP is also being used in the telecommunications field as shrouding for antennas. Glass reinforced plastic has also found uses in the house-building industry for door surrounds, window canopies, dormers, chimneys, copings, keystones, and sills. You might even be able to teach online courses in Ireland on how to work with GRP.

File Your CV with Recruitment Agencies

You will find the best place to have your CV on file is with several industrial recruitment agencies. They often have the best access to job offering from many different sources. Whether you wish to work full time or part time jobs they can find them for you faster. A couple to try are MCS Recruitment, and Onshore Recruitment. Many GRP laminator positions are needed overseas, include travel expenses and living quarters. GRP laminating positions can be full, part time, temporary and even contract.

What to Expect for Salary

As with any industry, salary will often depend on how much experience an applicant has in the industry. Starting salary for a person new to the industry can start at €9 per hour. Workers with more experience will earn €10.50 to €11.50 per hour. Working overseas under contract can offer €16.50 or more. GRP jobs in Ireland could have you actually working in places like Saudi Arabia.


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