Searching for Group 4 Security Vacancies: what you need to know

There are numerous Group 4 security vacancies all just waiting for the right person. Within London, Group 4 security jobs focus on providing patrol and merchandise security. This means that you need not have prior experience.

Experienced Applicants

The security consultant jobs require that you have had experience as a security consultant in either one of the following fields: CLAS, PCI, QSA or general level risk and business consulting. Certificates validating your experience are also regarded quite highly during the application and interview process.

Salary Expectation

Contrary to the popular belief that jobs for a security officer do not pay well, Group 4 employment opportunities are some of the best paying jobs in the industry. Starting salary normally begins at £40,000, with more qualified personnel earning £90,000. Granted, it’s not the best paying employment opportunity, but it does pay much better than most others in this field of expertise. However, when applying for jobs with G4S, you should be well prepared for the interview. You can do mock interviews with your friends and prepare yourself for the best shot.

Employment Opportunities

A number of these Group 4 security employment opportunities can be found and applied to online at any G4 site or online employment opportunity database. All you need to do is surf the web and find the right job opportunity. Relevant documents can be submitted electronically. Remember to keep your CV up to date with and to tailor your cover letter for each vacancy that you apply for.

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