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G4S has been supplying security solutions to companies for over 100 years in the UK and Ireland. They have a nationwide presence and it can be relatively easy to find a Group 4 security employment opportunity near you.

Over 40,000 employees work for Group 4 security in the UK and Ireland. They work in numerous different security roles in airports, embassies, retailers, banks, sporting events and government buildings. Career opportunities can regularly be found advertised for the positions of security officers, drivers, prison custody officers, event stewards and cash handlers to name but a few.

They offer a secure, friendly and professional working environment and they encourage continuous training and development so you can progress in the company.

You can find the latest jobs on their website at careers.g4s.com. There are more than 100 positions available in every corner of the UK and Ireland.

One of their most popular positions is that of an event steward. They work at hundreds of events each year including festivals, sporting events and concerts. The position is part time and suits people who are seeking casual work. You must be over 18 to work as an event steward and you should enjoy working with members of the public. Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Ticket collection and inspection
  • Help getting customers to their seats
  • Direct patrons around the event site
  • Crowd monitoring and observation

As we said, there are loads of different opportunities available with this great security firm. To find your very own Group 4 security employment opportunity, simply visit their website at g4s.com.

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