Want to find greenkeeper jobs in Spain?

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Any golf course worth its salt will have a skilled team of greenkeepers on its books, keeping the course in a pristine condition. The golf courses in Spain are amongst the finest in the world and greenkeeper jobs in Spain are positions of privilege.

Common duties for greenkeepers in Spain include cutting tees, greens, fairways and rough, setting up the golf course, brushing greens, applying fertiliser, controlling pests and diseases, removing old turf and maintaining machinery.

You can learn all of these skills by completing a FETAC level 6 greenkeeping course. It will provide you with all the training you need to become a qualified greenkeeper. Turfgrass science and management, turfgrass machinery maintenance, business management, computer applications and communications are a few of the key modules in the course.

A level 5 certificate in a related FETAC course - or equivalent qualification - is the only requirement for entry; mature students are also welcome to apply. There are several colleges in Ireland and the UK that run the course, including Plunket College in Dublin.

There are a number of international recruitment agencies that are excellent for finding greenkeeper jobs in Spain. Golfing Jobs, Euro Golf Jobs and Recruitment Spain are a few of the places where you'll find vacancies for greenkeepers in Spain.

Once you've uploaded an up to date CV on the website, you're free to begin applying for any of the positions that interest you. It's a good idea to get some advice on how to make your CV look as professional as possible. The staff at your local FAS centre will be happy to provide you with this.


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