Looking for greenkeeper jobs in Ireland?

Greenkeeper jobs in Ireland can be found on a large number of golf courses across the country. They are rewarding and demanding jobs that require candidates to have an excellent knowledge of what's required to keep a golf course in an immaculate condition.

The best way of obtaining the skills you need for greenkeeper jobs in Ireland is by taking a greenkeeping course. Greenkeeping courses are run by many colleges in Ireland, including Plunket College and the College of Amenity Horticulture.

Turfgrass science and maintenance, course maintenance and construction, business management, computer applications and communications are a few of the essential modules covered in greenkeeping courses. The only requirement for entry to greenkeeping courses is a Level 5 Fetac in a related course or equivalent qualification.

The easiest way of finding greenkeeping jobs in Ireland is by using a job search website. Ireland Jobs 77, Euro Golf Jobs and Horticulture Work are a few of the sites that will give you access to hundreds of greenkeeping jobs on some of Ireland's premier courses. Just upload a CV on the website and you're ready to begin applying for positions.

Many employers and recruitment agencies use these sites when they're trying to find personnel, so make sure your CV is as professional as possible before uploading it. And you can also register for email alerts of new vacancies for greenkeepers that become available.

Most golf courses employ many greenkeepers with different levels of responsibility, and wages vary accordingly between positions. Trainee greenkeepers start off on around €20k, while course managers can earn over €50k on top golf courses.





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