Useful tips for finding graphic designing jobs in Sri Lanka

Graphic designing jobs in Sri Lanka can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look for. It is also important that you decide to look for the job before you actually go to Sri Lanka. Prepare all documents so that you are ready for a possible interview. Many of the graphic design jobs are offered as part time jobs in Sri Lanka. Some of them are even home based jobs.

Graphic Designer Jobs: Industries

As a graphic designer, you can work in the advertising industry in Sri Lanka. There are work packages available for young designers in particular. There are also jobs available in other media industries, such as magazine publishing companies. Many IT companies which deal with web designing require English speaking graphic designers. Printing companies need graphic specialists as well.

Graphic Designer Jobs: Recruiters

Online recruiting is probably the easiest and best way to find a good graphic designer job anywhere. You can check job search websites that may return some good results. Try these sites to start your search: lankaweb.com, srilankajobs.net, jobsinworld.com, lktiptopjobs.com etc.

Graphic Designer Jobs: Expectations

Depending on your training, you can get between £4020 and £6803 per year as a graphic designer in Sri Lanka. There are several types of jobs in graphic designing available: graphic designer, graphic and web developer, graphic analyst, etc. The complexity and responsibilities of your job will dictate your salary. A graphic design engineer can get up to £9277 per year. Part time jobs are paid per project or per hour. Graphic designing jobs in Sri Lanka can be located with patience and perseverance.


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