Putting together a graphic design portfolio

If you're applying for jobs in the design industry then something that will massively help your cause is putting together a graphic design portfolio. In this guide we are going to talk you through the best methods for putting together a portfolio that will get you noticed and get you your dream job.

Creating an eye-catching graphic design portfolio

As the jobs market continues to get more and more competitive it's hugely important to make yourself stand out as much as possible. The best way to do this is to help yourself with an eye-catching graphic design portfolio.

Pick the right case

When putting together your portfolio we first suggest a case for your portfolio that looks professional and accurately represents the size of the pages that are inside.

Use a uniform style of paper

We highly recommend using the same colour and style of paper throughout your portfolio to maintain a professional look

Include the right work in your portfolio

Don't be afraid to create a few different portfolios tailored for different positions. Try to avoid a 'one size fits all' philosophy as it prevents you from really shining as a job candidate.

Make a strong start

Grabbing the attention of a reader instantly will make a huge impression, so we suggest putting some of your stronger designs right at the start. Ending on a strong note is just as important.

Label your work

A prospective employer might not get to see your portfolio straight away, so we suggest labelling each page with your name and email address, make your contact details memorable.

Common sense should see you over the line

If you follow our simple tips then you should produce a much cleaner and more well-rounded graphic design portfolio. However, it's well worth using your common sense too to keep things looking tidy. Speak to former lecturers, professionals, or anyone you think will be able to help you get noticed.

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