Resources for Graduate Training Schemes in Manchester

Graduate training schemes in Manchester are a great way to start your career immediately after graduation. Most graduate schemes generally last for 1 year and are a combination of work and training, but the length of time on the scheme depends on the employer. By entering a graduate training scheme immediately after your studies you increase your chances of obtaining full time employment because you already have relevant work experience in your chosen field; however, graduate training scheme positions are sparse. You're application will really need to speak volumes to grab a space from the hundreds of other applicants.

It's expected that you graduate with at least a 2:1 degree to be considered for a graduate training scheme, but again the general eligibility differs for each company. Graduate training schemes in Manchester normally focus on business training schemes as the city is a well-known business sector, but teaching and science training schemes are also available in the wider Greater Manchester areas.

The best place to find graduate training schemes in Manchester is your university. This should be your first stop when looking for a scheme as your institution is likely to have links to different organisations providing vacancies; they are also likely to advertise graduate schemes located only in Manchester, if you studied at one of the two Manchester universities.

However, if you don't find the information you're looking for from your university you can try these online resources which specialise in graduate training schemes in Manchester and across the UK:


Graduate Jobs (http://www.graduate-jobs.com)

Prospects (http://www.prospects.ac.uk/)

The Graduate (http://www.thegraduate.co.uk/)

Graduate Training Schemes (http://www.graduatetrainingschemes.com/)

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