Graduate recruitment: South Yorkshire jobs

Graduate jobs are in high demand right now, in a heavily restricted economy. With imposing standards of competition, it is important that you have a focused approach and know exactly what type of work is best suited to you. These recruitment agencies will help you find your ideal role in South Yorkshire.

Graduates Yorkshire

Graduates Yorkshire describes itself as the only graduate recruitment service dedicated exclusively to the Yorkshire region. They profess strong links with the careers services of the 10 major universities in the area, and offer a good and wide range of help and advice to guide graduates towards their ideal employment. With an estimated 40,000 new graduates produced every year in Yorkshire, and an increasing number choosing to stay in the local area, finding graduate South Yorkshire jobs can be a daunting and difficult task, but there is no better agency to help you than Graduates Yorkshire. They are located in the campus of the University of Sheffield (4 Hounsfield Road, S3 7RF) and online at graduatesyorkshire.co.uk. Alternatively you can call them at 0114 222 0954.

Fresh Minds Graduate Recruitment

Although not specialising in graduate South Yorkshire jobs specifically, Fresh Minds is a renowned talent spotting employment agency with a great graduates department and partnerships with top companies all over the United Kingdom. They proudly state that more than 33% of the CVs they send to employers are answered with job offers, thanks to their careful selection processes. Visit their websites at freshminds.co.uk, or call them at 0207 692 4300.


Although not really an agency as such, Reed is the top job hunting website in Britain right now and has a very active collection of graduate roles, with offers located all around the country. They also have an excellent Career Tools section, which advises you on improving your CVs, cover letters and interview techniques - which can be invaluable things to learn for a recent graduate new to the job market. Check them out at reed.co.uk.

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