Looking for graduate London jobs? Try these online resources

In the last few years, finding job search resources on the internet for graduate London jobs has become easy. Whereas before, you may find a few graduate job boards, nowadays there are thousands of online resources that can mean the difference between getting that top graduate job and not. These are some of the best.

graduate-jobs.com - Targeted towards recent graduates, Graduate Jobs has an enormous database of job vacancies all over London and clients as diverse as Accenture, Boots and MI5.

Register with Graduate Jobs and sign up for their e-mail notifications. You'll get jobs delivered daily to your e-mail box, all based on the subject you studied at university.

thegraduate.co.uk - Another excellent online resource, The Graduate not only has a job vacancies board, but also offers career advice for new graduates, publicizes new company schemes for graduates who are job hunting (check out their 'scheme listings' section), and sends new job alerts via e-mail.

Foxton's (foxtons.co.uk) - One of London's biggest estate agents, Foxton's has year-round recruitment of new graduates. They're known for their top-of-the-line benefits package, high salaries and fast advancement opportunities.

Foxton's has offices in Notting Hill, Marylebone, Park Lane, and Wimbledon, and 23 other London locations.

london.gov.uk - The Greater London Authority has some great tips on how to use online jobs boards, help with polishing your CV and cover letter, and has links to recommended job boards for graduates looking for jobs in London.

Check out their listings of 'Recruitment Fairs and Events' and, of course, search their jobs database for current vacancies.

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