Applying for graduate jobs in London with an immediate start

Job seekers who are interested in graduate jobs in London with an immediate start date will need to decide how soon they need to start working. Those who can afford to spend a week or two looking for work should check job listing websites and register with a few different job agencies. People who need to start work in the next few days should consider signing up with a job agency that has a temporary work department.

A lot of people think that temporary positions are clerical roles that almost anybody could fill. This is not the case. Today many agencies specialise in specific industries. For example the employment agency Kelly Services specialises in Science, IT and engineering roles. People who get a temporary job using an agency such as this one will be adding relevant work experience to their CV. Not to mention that many agencies can get a job applicant working within a day or two. Often this means that employees can expect a pay-cheque a week after starting work. This is because temporary work agencies tend to pay their staff weekly.

Those who can afford to wait a week or two before starting work will have the luxury of picking and choosing between a few different jobs. The best thing for people in this position to do is to check job listing websites such as Reed.co.uk on a daily basis. When the job seeker finds a job they are interested in they can contact the person who placed the advertisement. This may be the employer themselves or a recruitment agency acting on their behalf. Job seekers should make sure that future employers know that they will be ready to start work straight away.

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