Graduate jobs: best paid degrees in the UK

You might be surprised to read some of the degrees we run through as they’re not all directly related to business. Some of the best paid degrees in the UK include languages and research courses among other things.
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Japanese studies

This is probably a surprise entry on the list of best paying jobs for graduates but those studying Japanese can expect to earn an average of £36,000. This language is ranked in the top 10 of languages to study that’ll help your career. With this course you’ll understand the Japanese culture and literature as well as the language which will help you interact.

Operational research

This is another course that will yield a £36,000 job. Courses on Operational research teach the advanced use of analytical techniques that improve decision making so this is a course that will help you in business, logistics and marketing.

Civil engineering

This is a career that offers around £37,000 as an average salary. There’s normally high demand for civil engineers and graduate jobs are often the most sought after in the engineering sphere. Whether you’re interested in science, technology, engineering or maths, you’ll be able to use your degree to take this career path as long as you’re willing to learn on the job.


Architects make an average of £39,000 a year but it takes 7 years to be fully qualified for this position. In some firms you’ll need a BArch or DipArch qualification in order to get through the door, others will take you on a show you the ropes while you learn.

Medicine and dentistry

Medical and dentistry students can expect to earn the most from their careers as the average lifetime salary for these job roles is £40,000. Junior doctors start around £22,000 which isn’t bad for a first time wage.

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