Looking for graduate jobs in Belfast?

These are tough times economically, and if you are a recent graduate looking for a decent employment opportunity it can be easy to get disillusioned. However, if you persevere, you should be able to find graduate jobs in Belfast. Here are some tips to help...

  • Look out for graduate schemes with Belfast companies. Many of the new companies in the Titanic Quarter do offer graduate schemes to graduates in a range of different disciplines, and there are opportunities for everyone from marketing graduates (salaries starting at £18,500) to engineering graduates (salaries starting at £22,000). These schemes can be competitive but offer a great opportunity to get onto the employment ladder. You might also find opportunities with Tescos and Asda - both of whom offer graduate schemes.
  • Sign up with a recruitment agency. Depending on the subject you studied, you may even find an agency that specialises in the field you want to get into. They can give you advice on preparing your CV, getting ready for an interview and even planning your future career path.
  • Nijobs.com and Nijobfinder.co.uk are two of the best job sites for opportunities in Belfast. You can even search and filter results so that you only see jobs that are targeted at graduates. The Belfast Telegraph's Job Finder is also good for finding local vacancies.
  • Don't be afraid to send in a few speculative applications to companies that you are interested in working with. just remember to target your cover letter for each company you write to.

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