What you need to know about graduate jobs abroad

According to the statistics, for every graduate job in the UK there are at least 70 graduates applying. The traditional route between graduating from university and finding a graduate level job is therefore being disrupted. For many, the opportunity of graduate jobs abroad represent an alternative that could allow them to gain both work and life experience.

However, this puts graduates in a difficult situation. Do they hang around and keep applying for jobs at home? Do they build on work experience through internships and placements? Do they go on to postgraduate studies? Or do they move in order to find employment?

The modern graduate has bills to pay and rent to meet, so it isn’t a clear cut decision. If they decide to build on work experience, go on to further studies or apply for graduate jobs in the UK, they are facing some of the most competitive application processes in history.

To many, graduate jobs abroad represent a better opportunity.

It takes a lot of courage to move to a foreign country in order to find work, but the rewards can be amazing. These include experiencing a new culture, gaining invaluable life experiences, stepping out of your comfort zone, building confidence, gaining work experience and seeing more of the world.

Some countries are very difficult to get a working visa for. Many of them have very confusing visa restrictions so it is essential that you do your homework when it comes to working visas and immigration. All your job hunting could be for nothing if you find out you are not allowed to work in the country!

People who are willing to find graduate jobs abroad are presented with plenty of exciting opportunities. It can be a difficult road to follow, but it's usually worth the trouble in the end. Some solid research is required to ensure the process goes smoothly, but this research could put you on the path to enjoying travel, money and work!

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