We examine some of the potential graduate Cork jobs available to you right now

Despite the fact that jobs are still relatively hard to come by in Ireland, and that the economy doesn't really seem like it's going to be improving that much in the next couple of years, there are still plenty of potential graduate Cork jobs available for those of you who are interested in looking beyond the most obvious employment sources.

Rather than spending all your time searching for jobs online on the various job sites, we recommend that you take a different approach. By checking out the excellent website located at Tesco-graduates.com you'll be able to see some of the fantastic opportunities available for graduates with Tesco, one of the biggest retailers in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

While many people see Tesco as a last resort when it comes to finding work, the truth is that they actually one of the best employers that anyone could hope for. With a wide range of different positions available to suit graduates of all kinds including those who are qualified in business, logistics, marketing, sales, computers, networks, information technology, telecommunications, baking, butchery, driving and much, much more Tesco really a surprise package, and they regularly have new vacancies available behind-the-scenes in their many Cork stores.

The wages on offer are compatible with anything else offered in Ireland right now, plus you'll also have the increased job safety that comes with working with the company as big and successful as Tesco.

On top of this, all workers with Tesco will find that they are rewarded for their hard work with promotions, and promotion opportunities, as they try to build a successful career in retail.


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