All about graduate business jobs

Graduate business jobs are predominantly based around three main categories: human resources, finance and marketing, and in order to work in these sectors it is important that graduates have comprehensive subject knowledge in at least one of these areas.

Within the human resources department graduate business jobs can be sought in managerial, officer or senior advisory roles. Jobs in finance can include finance officers, procurement managers or accountants, and jobs in marketing can include coordinators or assistants. In order to work in any of the above roles, you will need to have excellent communication skills, be a good team player, have the ability to work in a methodical manner and be able to organise and lead a team of people.

Graduate business jobs can be obtained within local or central government departments, the civil service and private sector organisations. They can also be sought from leading supermarkets, department stores or private health consortiums.

Tips for writing a CV

When you are writing a CV for a graduate business job, you need to focus upon the business skills that you have obtained throughout the course of your degree. If you have not got any workplace experience, focus upon your academic achievements and demonstrate how you could use these skills within the workplace.

If you have undertaken any voluntary work, include it in your CV, or any professional training you may have undertaken whilst completing your degree. There is a wealth of information available on the internet with regards to creating a CV, and this can be tailored for graduates as necessary.


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