We can help you find graduate 2.2 jobs

If you have just gotten your results from college and things didn't turn out quite the way you had hoped there's no need to worry. Sure you may have liked to have done a bit better than a 2.2, but don't believe what you hear about it being impossible to find work with anything less than a 2.1 these days, because it's certainly not true.

That isn't to say that you can expect it to be a walk in the park to find work; it's certainly going to be tough. However with the right guidance and a little helpful advice you can narrow down your options and formulate a much more streamlined plan of attack.

While there are some jobs that you won't be able to start out in with anything less than a 2.1, such as revenue generating roles or things requiring a large number of reports to be compiled, you should still be able to find work for plenty of companies, and once you've got your foot in the door it'll be up to you to prove that you're worth a position a little higher up the food chain.

Getting a 2.2 isn't the end of the world, and you really shouldn't treat it like that. You need to remain positive at all times and realise the high value that many employers place on your personality and desire to succeed. Often these qualities will see you rank above those with much better academic grades than you.

The public sector is an excellent place for you to find graduate 2.2 jobs, so don't rule that out. We recommend that you take a look at some of the great websites out there in order to find more advice and job prospects. In particular we recommend graduatejobsnet.co.uk, gradplus.com, ukgraduatecareers.net and jobsite.co.uk.

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