Government loans for single mothers and fathers in the UK explained

You probably won’t be surprised to read that the social security system is a complex nightmare to navigate. That might be partly why those in it never come out and why some families who need assistance can’t find help. Unfortunately there are no dedicated government loans for single mothers but there are other benefits that might make bring up a child a little easier.

Cutting costs

The first thing to do before you use the online benefits calculator found at gov.uk/benefits-calculators is to make sure you understand your finances. That means putting together a list of your costs and your income. That might sound daunting but if you’ve got access to online banking, then information like direct debits and standing orders can be copied and pasted from the bank’s site. If you buy your supermarket food online, you’ll have an itemised receipt to review that will give you an idea of where your money goes, but if not you should be able to put together a simple list of outgoings based on your bank statement. You will also be asked about your savings and any existing benefits and pensions, so you’ll also need that information to hand.

Benefits calculators

If you’re looking into benefits, you will probably be in the process of cutting down your costs to get closer to your income. If not, that’s the first job to do. Using the benefits calculator that’s found at gov.uk will give you an understanding of what’s out there but it’s not the whole story. You may be able to get money off your council tax, but you would need to speak to the council to find that out.

Loans for single parents

Although there are no government loans for single mothers in the UK, you can still get help from the government to cover the cost of living as a one-parent family. If you’d like to speak to someone about income support, help with childcare costs, child benefit or any other financial aid for single parents, the best place to start is the child benefits office whose contact details can also be found at gov.uk.

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