Popular government jobs

If you've ever considered government jobs before, you'll no doubt be familiar with the fact that there are literally hundreds of different positions available, ranging from basic entry level administrative positions right the way through to senior management positions or even driving positions. We're going to take a look at some reasons why you might like to apply for government work.

For years now, the biggest draw of government jobs has been the fact that they offer a huge amount of professional security - often being referred to by people as 'jobs for life'. While this isn't quite as true as it perhaps used to be, particularly given the number of cuts that have been made recently in order to get government spending under control, government jobs are still very desirable for a wide range of people.

Anyone searching for a way into a career in the administrative sector could do an awful lot worse than checking out some of the government jobs available in their area. Although wages start out quite low by private sector standards, at around £6.20 per hour, there is ample opportunity to work your way into more senior positions, increasing your wage in the process.

As with any administrative position, certain competencies will make successful application more likely. Knowledge of software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook will certainly be a huge benefit to you, as well a typing speed of above 60 words per minute.

Those of you who have already built up administrative experience and would like to try out for a more senior management position will also find plenty of job opportunities available with the government, with wages starting from around £19,500 per year.

If sitting in an office all day isn't your idea of a fulfilling day's work, then there are some lesser known government jobs available. These can include roles like driver for government staff. Before you will be considered for this type of position, you'll need to have previous professional driving experience, as well as having a clean criminal record and spotless driving license, but entry level positions can start at around £18,750 per annum.

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