Government IT jobs - Good news for techies

Every day there are many government IT jobs advertised on print media and the Internet. Apart from being highly rewarding in monetary terms, they give successful candidates an opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

Key Areas of Expertise

There are specific areas of expertise in the IT industry that most government jobs are likely to be geared towards. One of the leading areas is information security. It would helpful if you acquired White Hat Hacker certification or IT audit certification. Network and hardware support engineers are always in demand in all sectors.


This is an online recruiter focused on collating jobs in the government and civil service and making them available to job seekers. The site features a discussion forum from which you can get helpful insights about the job you’re thinking of and even about how much to expect in terms of pay. If you join their mailing list, they will keep you posted on jobs in the IT sector as they become available.


This is one of Government Direct Jobs’ affiliates. Their website hosts a huge database of IT professionals that it links with various arms of the public sector. You can either register with them for free or simply post your CV on the site. Whether you’re looking for entry-level IT jobs or consultancy opportunities, this site will help you find it.

Security Requirements

Most government jobs (especially those in the Ministry of Defence) will require security clearance and background checks. You will probably need to show evidence of having done the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS). This test, which takes one to two days to complete, checks that the documents you provide and your referees are legitimate, as well as ascertaining whether or not you have a criminal record. Before applying for those government IT jobs, make sure your background is spick and span.

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