Where to find information on government internships online

Government internships are generally not covered on mainstream job sites, and in order to get access to contact details you may need to dig a little deeper. Fortunately, as with most other things in life, persistence is rewarded, and there at at least two sites online that will give you a great head start if you're looking for ways to get government internships.

The following article discusses the launch of government internship programs, and if you are interested in the fast stream summer diversity internships you could follow the link on this page: direct.gov.uk/en/Nl1/Newsroom/DG_196756. There are also sections here on work experience, and volunteering. If you're looking for public sector careers and more information on what to expect the employment section should have you covered.

careers.lon.ac.uk has a .pdf file on its site that has an exhaustive list of contacts for the different options and routes you could take if you're interested in a career in politics. There are sections that show you where to start, and sections that offer more information on public affairs and lobbying, EU politics, political risks and local government to name a few.

The getting started section lists internsnetwork.org.uk as one of its resources, and this link will take you to sector guides, articles and also a newsletter that contains current vacancies. There are also case studies on interns entering politics, so everything you need to get you started is covered in this document. There's also an massive number of URLS to additional information, some of which include contact details. Electus-start.com is another site that offers advice on working in politics and has details of internships on offer. If you'd like to keep up to date on what's happening you can also sign up for email alerts so you're always ahead of the rest.

If you'd like to view the .pdf document, you can visit this URL to read or download the file: careers.lon.ac.uk/files/pdf/Looking for jobs and internships in politics.pdf

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