Government graduate jobs in the UK

The United Kingdom government provides employment opportunities to graduates from all disciplines. Government graduate jobs offer the security of a public service position with the benefits of a varied career structure. Although pay is not as high as in the private sector, many government jobs offer flexible working conditions together with excellent holiday and benefits schemes. Competition for government graduate jobs is fierce.

Internships offer students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and to form useful contacts. It’s worth contacting government departments to find out whether they offer internships to students.

The Civil Service Fast Stream (faststream.civilservice.gov.uk) employs graduates to undertake a series of placements in different departments over a period of approximately two years. During this time, graduates are assessed and appraised to identify their particular strengths with a view to determining their future career progression.

GCHQ (gchq-careers.co.uk) is part of the UK government’s intelligence service and it offers direct entry routes for graduates in certain disciplines. In particular, GCHQ employs graduates with specialist degrees such as languages and maths.

The Ministry of Defence operates a number of graduate recruitment programmes, including a “fast stream” programme for engineers and scientists. Graduate employees follow an intensive training programme and spend time at different departments, both in the UK and overseas.

Local councils employ graduates in a variety of roles, including finance, education and social work. You should contact local councils individually to find out details of their graduate programmes in your chosen field of work.

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