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About Google jobs (UK home)

The staff comes from the technical and business (sales, general and administrative) departments. They work in the second largest office after Google Zurich. This centre focuses on mobile application development.

What is the technical department?

Job categories under this department are software engineering, engineering operations and management, product management, user experience, technical sales and support engineering, etc.

What is the business department?

This is the sales, general and administration department. Job categories under this department are advertising and enterprise sales, finance, human resources, marketing and communications, legal and public policy, business operations and development, real estate and workplace services, administrative, etc.

What does a Software Engineer do?

This person likes to solve complex problems in diverse areas. Handling information at the level of the web requires all specialties of computer science such as information retrieval, artificial intelligence, networking, security, data compression, etc. Monthly pay ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 pounds, the lower end being a fresh graduate with the minimally required certification.

What does an Account Manager do?

You develop and manage relationships and revenue with direct clients and agencies. You acquire new businesses and maintain existing ones in addition to supporting your team with research, market analysis and so on. Monthly pay averages at 3,500 pounds for a candidate with a proven track record in advertising sales.

Working at Google jobs (UK home)

Expect an unconventional working life at Google. Compensation packages are individually tailored to the right candidates. Apply to work at Google only if you are passionate about your work.

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