Working for Google: Employment roles and opportunities

Google is undoubtedly one of the internet's most spectacular success stories. By far the most well-known of internet search engines, the company's name has actually entered the English language, becoming a verb used to indicate an internet search.

Although based in the United States, the company has a global reach, and, as a technology giant, particularly values innovation. It also stresses in its employment publicity that is often unconventional in is approach. The company's founders, Larry Page Sergey Brin, remarked that: "Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one."

For job seekers in the United Kingdom, the company has its main office in London, with a wide variety of roles available, both on the the technical side of things, and in more conventional commercial areas.


Technical opportunities with Google are available to be viewed online, with the full range of vacancies in all areas listed at Google.co.uk/intl/en/jobs/uk. Software Engineering, Engineering Operations and Management, Product Management, User Experience, Technical Sales and Support Engineering are the technical areas on offer.

For those seeking Google employment, the specific roles available within these areas include opportunities for webmasters, corporate engineers, interaction designers and many others.

Sales, General and Administrative

There are a number of more conventional job opportunities with Google in sectors other than those directly associated with the information technology industry. Any company in any sector will always require competent administrators and inspired sales people in order to keep it working.

Full details of all such vacancies in the UK are given at the web address detailed above.

Overseas Offices

Google has other offices all over the world, in Asia and the Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America.

A full list of office locations is available online at Google.co.uk/intl/en/jobs/locations/index.html.

It should be born in mind that although Google is at pains to stress its unconventional nature, it maintains a consistent approach in its demands of applicants, whatever their employment area or geographical location.

A useful insight can be gained into what it might be like to work for the company from a video at Youtube.com/lifeatgoogle. Here, current employees provide an entertaining and typically slick look inside the company.

Google Jobs Website

The Google jobs website contains a number of useful features for job seekers, as one would perhaps expect from one of the internet's giant companies.

As well as providing full details of all vacancies, the website allows users to 'shop' for jobs, and keep them in a 'cart' for later perusal and consideration. The specific formatting for a CV for each vacancy is also detailed in full.

It should also be noted by jobseekers that Google does not accept agency CVs.

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