Google Campus London: an overview

Google Campus London is a seven-floor flexible space, powered by Google and designed for start-up businesses. The Campus hosts various events, meetings and networking groups specifically aimed at start-up businesses in London (or those 'passing through') and support to fuel new ideas in various sectors. Free high-speed internet, as well as a wealth of knowledge and mentoring, is available to anyone attending these events.

Google Campus: Workspace, Events and Resources

Google Campus in London is used for a variety of events and networking groups for start-up businesses. It's intricately designed workspace is also available for use by start-up businesses, either temporarily or on a contract.


Google Campus London runs a variety of events. These are usually aimed at start-up businesses, or people looking to start a new business. Google Campus advocates their facilities are powered "by Google and start-ups". There are usually talks available, networking events, exhibitions and mentoring sessions for businesses in all sectors. If you are part of a start-up business or consider yourself part of this community, you can contact Google Campus London to host an event of your own.


The workspace is available for casual use and provides a cafe with various facilities, such as high speed internet and office facilities. However, they also provide a "residence" for anyone who wants to use the Campus on a more frequent basis. You can rent office space on a monthly or annual basis, but to do this you must apply for a residency on the Google Campus London website. Prices will vary depending on the type of space you need and additional facilities.

Location and Contacts

The Google Campus official address is 4-5 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX. You can contact the Campus from there website, Campuslondon.com/contact.


Google Campus London is in partnership with Seedcamp, a growing investment and mentoring company that hosts events across Europe, Techub which works as a global community space for entrepreneurs providing powerful networking opportunities and Central, a company designed to provide the ideal environment for businesses and dedicated to boosting the UK's ecnoomy over the next 10 years.

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