Good news for fans of British Airways!

Good news for BA fans. They have said earlier this week that British Airways and American Airlines will partner. This is great news because it will open a lot of routes that were currently unavailable to British Airways customers and American Airline customers alike.

BA have been cultivating this idea for a while now and it has finally come good. They have even partnered with Spanish airline Iberia to open up more routes. They have been quoted as saying that a 'new era of competition' is about to begin.

With these new partnerships BA should now be able to open all routes for their customers. Both American Airlines and Iberia get the exact same benefits for their customers so it is working out very well for all involved.

Now when you hit up the BA website you should be able to buy tickets from all the mentioned carriers. This move has received the go ahead from both sides of the Atlantic authorities. This means it's all good legally as far as fair competition laws go.

This move will really benefit the passengers so you can look forward to flying anywhere in the world with BA very soon!

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