Find good jobs working from home

Whether you're looking for your first work from home job or you are already experienced in this sector, you'll probably have noticed the same thing: good jobs working from home are hard to come by.

Many people dream of ditching their current jobs and the daily commute and setting up shop in the comfort on their own home. And many people in the UK are actually doing this - an estimated 26% of people regularly do at least some of their work from home.

But this high demand for telecommuting jobs leads to a lot of competition for job vacancies. And some unscrupulous employers exploit this competition in order to minimise their wage bill. That is, they offer low wages in the hope that people are willing to accept a raw deal in exchange for being able to work from home.

This is true across many industries. Work from home travel agents earn 25% less than their office based colleagues, while work from home writers can earn up to 50% less than other professional writers who work in an office environment.

So how do you find good jobs working from home? We recommend that you check out internet forums on working from home opportunities. There's few better ways to get an accurate picture of what a company is like than to speak to its past employees. In particular, check out what are the average earnings per hour. Many work from home jobs pay on a freelance basis - and your actual hourly salary could be much lower than what they suggest.

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