How to be a good boss

Would you consider yourself to be a good boss? Quite possibly... but would your employees agree with you? Here we consider the qualities it takes to make a great boss, and offer some tips to help you improve your management style and boost employee / employer relations. Read on for top tips...

Essential qualities of a good boss

Great communication skills - There are few things that can dishearten employees than to be left in the dark about important company decisions. Make sure that everyone is kept in the loop by using newsletters, email alerts and regular meetings.

Feedback - Employees who are doing a great job should receive credit where credit's due. Likewise, employees that are falling behind need your support and guidance. Every employee should be given a one-on-one feedback session at least twice a year. These can be formal "performance reviews" or informal chats.

Make an effort to know everyone in their team - Knowing someone's name is not enough: you should know exactly what they do and any major projects they are working on.

Little rewards - It can be the little rewards that make a big difference to employee satisfaction. Of course, you shouldn't have to buy employee loyalty, but little touches like treating everyone to lunch every so often, or sending them home a little early occasionally, can go a long way to establishing a happy working environment.

Practice what you preach - No one will respect a boss who lectures employees or tardiness but rocks up 30 minutes late everyday. Don't ask any more of your employees than you would ask of yourself.

Muck in where relevant - A good boss knows when to delegate tasks. But a good boss also knows when to help out and get stuck in to tasks. You can earn a lot of respect by being able to draw these boundaries correctly, and by working alongside your team to achieve your goals.

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