Going against the flow and looking for a job in banking?

In the past, banking has been the type of career where you would have had a job for life, going in from school or University and working your way up the corporate ladder. With recent economic events however, this sector has been very unstable and has seen the majority of redundancies and indeed major institutions going under completely.

After restructuring and regrouping however, things seem to be back on the up and the banking world is slowly reopening its doors to new employees. If banking is a world that attracts you and that you would like to work in, somewhere like the bankingjobsuk website is probably a great place to start your search. You could also look at the websites of the major banks as well as they will most likely post vacancies there.

Some banking vacancies, especially more managerial posts may well be advertised in the broadsheet newspapers: try The Guardian or The Telegraph on a Thursday for the jobs sections. Alternatively you could go to any of the large recruitment agencies either online or on the High Street and see what vacancies they have available.

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