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Today's stormy economic climate has made finding employment particularly difficult, especially in parts of Scotland and Wales where unemployment is at an all-time high. However if there are a lack of full time job positions available there are still a huge amount of part -time jobs available if you just know where to look for them! We are here to help with a few examples of some of the latest types of part-time Glasgow employment opportunities:

Part-time administrators

There are a wide range of part-time administrator roles available throughout Glasgow. So if you are hoping to pick up a few extra hours and earn some extra cash each week then this could be the role for you. The duties will include good client liaison skills, good telephone manner, securing payments and administration. Experience is usually necessary for typical administrator positions.

Part-time Bar and waiting Staff

Throughout Glasgow there are also an extensive range of part-time jobs available for bar and waiting staff. Although the hours can be inconvenient, these jobs are very well paid and the hours can often be flexible. Check out all of the Glasgow establishments that are hiring part time staff and apply now!

Part-time Sales Assistant

Part-time sales assistant jobs are also readily available throughout Glasgow so if you are have good people skills and good sales skills then this could be a great opportunity for you. This is a customer service based job so if you enjoy communicating with clients then check out who's hiring now!

Part time Nursing

There are also many great part-time nursing jobs available throughout Glasgow so if you are a qualified nurse and you are looking for some part-time work then check out which part-time Glasgow employment opprtunities fit into your schedule.

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