Want to Work at Glasgow Airport?

The most up-to-date information on Glasgow airport job vacancies can be found on the BAA website. Sign up for the "jobs by email" service, which allows interested applicants to receive notifications when a suitable job vacancy opens up.

About Glasgow Airport - In 2008, Glasgow airport underwent a multi-million extension project and opened a large, new terminal extension to the public. But the plans for expansion don't end there -- the airport expects to continue major growth over the next decade, investing more than £200 million to create the ultimate in modern airport facilities.

Job Opportunities - Glasgow Airport job vacancies range from back-office administrative functions, such as HR, to front of house customer service positions and security agents. The airport even offers an engineering apprenticeship program, which recruits on an annual basis.

What Are the Requirements? - >Online applications are preferred, but applicants without access to the internet can call 0141 585 6000 to be sent a paper application. Non-British citizens are permitted to apply, but only upon presentation of a valid work permit. Unsuccessful applicants cannot reapply for the same position within six months of being declined, although they are still eligible for other positions at the airport. Prior to hire, candidates must pass a comprehensive background check, criminal records check and counter terrorism check -- the results of which can take over six months to come back. Applicants may be allowed to start work pending the results of the counter terrorism check depending on the individual circumstances.

How Can I Find Out More? - Visit the BAA careers page to review detailed information about the most popular jobs -- such as security officer, service manager and terminal controller -- and read a description of typical duties performed, in addition to skills, attributes and qualifications needed.

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