Getting the sack-ophobia

Workers fear getting the sack if they admit to feeling stressed or depressed at work, according to a new survey by mental health charity, Mind.

A survey of around 2,000 adults found that a majority believe work to be the most stressful factor in their lives, though one in five thought owning up to being stressed would make them more likely to be shown the door.

Mind's chief executive, Paul Farmer, said: 'The negativity that persists around stress and mental health problems is unacceptable in a modern workforce. Pressure and stress may be part of our working lives, but failing to recognise that everyone has a limit is a mistake that costs businesses billions of pounds a year. Stigma is so great employees worry that even mentioning stress will lose them their jobs.

'Mental health problems exist in every workforce, but at the moment it exists as a costly and unaddressed elephant in the room.'

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